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2023 Minutes

January 12, 2023 – General Meeting

Members Present: See Introductions

Meeting called to order at 6:00 P.M by Aleesha.

Agenda Items


Question of the night: WIP count and resolutions

Aleesha, Terry, Jill, Tamara, Thea, Peggy, Shelli, Lesley, Nancy, Cathy, Thea, Cassie, Michelle, Debbie, Sharon

  • Winter retreat – Cordell Nerr. February 9th after 5pm. Guild meeting at 6pm
  • Thursday night setup
  • Friday morning sewing
  • Nancy doing group mystery guild approx. 5 hours. Lap sized quilt 60×72.
  • Canned goods donation.
  • Able to use kitchen. Lunch simple (on your own). Dinners for group.
  • Friday dinner – enchiladas and salad and dessert – Lesley, Sharon, and Aleesha
  • Saturday – Chili – Michelle and Cassie
  • Terry – paper plates and napkins
  • BYO silverware and drinks

Community Challenge Quilt – Horse Therapy

February challenge – magazine challenge. Inspiration to make something from picture in magazine. Bring pages with you (not a quilting magazine).

March – spring fling – Bingo and fascinator making

Dues are due!

Sew in dates – 3rd Saturdays – Shelli will email

Tonight’s program: book review. Each person shared their favorite quilting book and why.

Show and Tell

February 9, 2023 – General Meeting

Members Present: See Introductions

Meeting called to order at 6:00 P.M by Aleesha.

Agenda Items


Question of the night: What did you forget to bring to the retreat?

Aleesha, Shelly, Thea, Peggy, Lindsey, Cindy, Debbie, Cassie, Michelle, Terri, Jill, Sharon, Nancy, Cathy, Tamara, Lesley


Fabric exchange project due Sept.

July – potluck instead of guild meeting. July 15th or 16th. Vote tomorrow. Nancy and Cathy will demo fabric dying. Park at 5th street in wenatchee

Spring fling – next meeting. Lesley has more bingo cards. Making fascinators. Fabric swap hosted by JIll – 1 yard (any combo to make 1 yard). Favorite color and “sparkle” factor.

Thank you for staff here at Cordell. Peggy made rope bowl filled with candy. Tamara made quilted card as a thank you gift.

Select magazine page for challenge. 3 months to make project.

Show and Tell

Retreat tomorrow opens at 8am.

Nancy’s mystery quilt. Fabrics cut by Saturday morning. Starts at 9am on Saturday.

June program is now fabric rope bowls with Peggy.

February 23, 2023 – Board Meeting

Members Present: Lesley, Tamara, Peggy, Aleesha, Michelle


  • Julie Smith membership question.
  • Quiltcon awards show – yay Michelle
  • Community challenge
  • Spring Fling

Spring Fling

  • Bingo cards – Lesley can send some if you don’t have them
  • Aleesha will do number calling
  • Prizes for Bingo and fascinator contest (6 total)

Julie Smith dues question

Dues set my MQG national. We don’t have a choice, we have to follow their rules. Indiv. membership is cheaper if she wants to go that route.

Aleesha will send MQG invoice to Tamara.

Community Challenge

Cindy is the project lead. Run for the roses is the name of their gala (Alathea horse therapy). Aleesha is the design lead. 2 designs to vote on. Thea would long arm if needed.

Colors: red, black, silver, gold, cream, champagne (color of their horses)

Gala is in October. Quilt by mid September. Quilt top to long armer by end of Auguest.

Pixelated rose quilt is current choice. Yellow rose of Texas pattern. Guild will purchase fabric, except for scrappy background.

Shopping, cutting, sewing, pinning (Assembly line style)

Lesley would donate batting.

March 9, 2023 – General Meeting

Members Present: See Introductions

Meeting called to order at 6:00 P.M by Aleesha.

Agenda Items


Question of the night: If you were a race horse, what would your name be

  • Jill – straight shooter
  • Cindy – speed demon
  • Tamara – Nick’s granddaughter
  • Terry – I have no idea. Always steady
  • Cassie – Steady Betty
  • Lesley – Tartan Trotter
  • Nancy – Dare Devil
  • Peggy – Giddy Up
  • Michelle – Lil Pumpkin
  • Aleesha – Gale Force Winds
  • Sharon – Lucky Lady

Community Outreach Quilt for 2023

  • Alatheia – Run for the Roses Gala
  • October
  • Color palette- Red, Black, Silver, Gold, White, Champagne
  • “dun” is offical name for the horse color
  • Option 2 is our vote. Make in original size but add some more background squares. Silver binding.
  • Cutting – nancy and jill
  • Terry will get paint chip names
  • Layout – Cindy and Peggy
  • Sewing – Jill and Lesley
  • Longarming – Jill
  • Batting – Lesley
  • Ironing – Terry and Nancy and Sharon
  • Binding – Terry
  • Photography – Michelle
  • Backing – Lesley
  • move April Sew In to the 22nd
  • bring your cut background squares (already cut)
  • May 13th sew in moved to that day

Fabric swap show and tell

Fascinator hat making contest


Magazine challenge due in May

Show and Tell

Thu 3/16/2023 BOD Meeting

Members Present: Aleesha, Tamara, Lesley, Peggy, Michelle

Agenda Items

  • Successful Spring fling! 

Programs for the remainder of the year:

  • April – Aleesha and Thea
  • May – Magazine challenge reveal
  • June – Peggy rope bowl
  • July – potluck. nancy and kathy demo. saturday July 15th. In Wenatchee in the park. Lesley also is offering her house to do the demos/potluck
  • August – nothing. Lesley texting Geraldine about talking about upcycling or whatever she wants to talk about. We are rescheduling meeting date bc of big guild show is doing setup. Move it to August 17th.
  • September – 
  • October – 
  • November – 
  • December – 
  • Ideas for programs:
  • —MQG website challenge
  • —100 day project recap
  • —where do you follow arists? where are you getting your challenge inspiration? Who are your favorite sources? non quilt artists as well as quilt artists.
  • —visible mending
  • Tamara – Treasurer report:
  • IRS filing
  • dues are paid
  • $2112.48 balance