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2024 Minutes

January 11, 2024 – General Meeting

Members Present: See Introductions

Meeting called to order at 6:00 P.M.

Agenda Items


Board Meeting January 15, 2024

Board Members Present:

Agenda Items

February 8, 2024 – General Meeting 

1.    Present:  Lesley Allan, Michelle Barthalomew, Tamara Dezellem, Kristen Doerr, Thea Gyde, Aleesha Kobernik, Shelli Maitland, Cassie Miller, Sharon Paine, Peggy Ross, Cindy Rudolph, Debbie Shemorry, Nancy Straub, Cathy Sweeney and Jill Therriault.

2.    Lightening round question:  What is your favorite flower and do you grow them in your garden?

3.    Budget Report:  Tamara reported that the Guild had 19 members in 2023 and have added one additional member in 2024.  The 2024 budget includes costs for Zoom meetings, the post office box, and two retreats each year.   Tamara reminded the Guild members 2024 dues of $25.00 annually are due.

Shelli purchased a new Ironing Board & Iron for the Guild that will be used for Saturday sew-ins and retreats.  Terry & Peggy each contributed a cutting board as well.

Thea made a Motion to approve the 2024 Budget; seconded by Peggy and passed with no opposition.

4.    Discussion regarding 2024 Community Outreach Quilt:  Decision was made to not make a quilt this year.  Instead, the Guild will learn and share inspiration from the members.  

This topic will be revisited in in 2025.  The Guild will also look to the Modern Quilt Guild in March, 2025 for ideas.


5.    Spring Retreat – March 14-17:  The Spring Retreat will begin on Thursday, March 14that 6:00 with our monthly meeting and Spring Fling.  The meeting will be held at Cordell, Neher & Company’s meeting room and will include Show and Tell.  The Retreat will continue Friday through Sunday with activities and meals.  The planning committee consists of Peggy, Cathy & Nancy.

6.    Maximalism:  The Group watched a video from the Modern Quilt Guild Website titled “Maximalism”.   The attributes of a Maximalist Quilt include bold colors, mixtures of patterns and textures, layering, pattern play, surface decoration, density of design and an aesthetic of excess and redundancy.

The Guild has chosen to create a Maximalist Quilt as a group project.  Aleesha agreed to start the quilt with an original block using stash fabric, and the project will be mailed from member to member (those who chose to sign up) with each adding a section using fabric from their stash.  Please take a photo of the quilt and send it to Aleesha before passing it on.  

Future programs for 2024 include a collaborative challenge, labeling quilts, dying fabric using natural materials, and Improv Theme Day for one of the Saturday sew-ins.  There is room on the calendar for additional programming; please reach out with suggestions!

7.    Show and tell.