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Guild Presentations

Lesley (june2021)

Nancy (april2021)

Jill – triangle maths

Thea – sharing zippered bags

Jill – sharing napkins and placemats

Fast and Easy Table Linens


     Makes a set of 8

Fabric requirements:

     Cotton – 5 ½ yds.

     Pellon – 3 yds.

          NON iron on, lightest weight, polyester




     Pre-wash all fabric in hot water.

     After drying, fold right sides together, matching selvage edges.


     Cut 13” x 19” rectangles two layers at once.  Leave them RST and ready to sew.


     Cut 8 13” x 19” rectangles of Pelion.  Place one on top of each placemat set (wrong side toward Pelion).  Pin in place.


     Starting on the short side, about 4” from

one corner, sew a ⅜” seam around the edge of all three layers together, leaving a 4” opening in the middle after the 4th corner, to accommodate turning.  Pivot at each corner with the needle down.  


     Reach between the 2 layers of cotton through the opening left on the short end, turn right side out, poking corners out.


     Iron placemat flat, tucking the opening inside to match the sewn edges.


     Top stitch two times around.  Once at ⅛ “ and again at ⅜ “.  


     All done.


     Napkins are cut 18” square and finished using a rolled hem on a serger with 3 threads, the outer looper using Wooly Nylon.  You can also clean finish them with a ¼ “ double folded machine stitched hem.


Note:  If you choose not to pre wash your fabric, your placemats will not lay flat after washing and you napkins will not be square.  Pelion does not shrink, cotton does.

Tamara – sharing postcards

Aleesha – sharing coasters