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Ugly Color Challenge

ugly color challenge (lesley – dec2022)

In September, Lesley hosted a discussion on color theory using the Studio Color Wheel.  At the end of the program we were given a challenge.

Each participant in this challenge shared their most disliked color and then we traded with each other.  Any sized sewn object was the assignment and here are the results!

Tamara (white)

Cindy (aqua/green)

I am taking a vacation with my daughter next week and will be gone at the time of the MQG meeting.  I have finished the quilt top for the color challenge.  My color was Aqua green.  I have attached a few photos, please use what seems good for your slide show.  I liked the photo on the couch, just because it is easier to see some of the colors.  The pattern is Chandelier by Vanessa Goertzen.  I used several fabrics with shades of Aqua green.  When I came across the fabric with the ducks/loons I really liked it and was able to add some plum, grey, and taupe(which to me has a light purple look) fabrics to the quilt top.  I generally like quilts with a smaller color palette, so I stuck with that.  I would be interested in hearing other’s thoughts on any other colors they would consider adding.

Peggy (pink)

Terry (purple)

Nancy (red)

Sharon (pink)

Jill (brown)

Althea (tan)

Aleesha (brown)

Lesley (yellow)