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2020 Minutes

June 11, 2020 – General Meeting

Agenda Items

  1. Lindsey called meeting to order, described the magic of our origin story and that we had a quilt show before our first meeting.
    1. Housekeeping
      1. For Zoom meetings, mute your microphone when not speaking.
      2. BOD Introductions
        1. LInsdey Kiesz – President
        2. Aleesha Kobernik – Vice President
        3. Thea Gyde – Secretary
        4. Terry Murphy – Treasurer
        5. Jill Therriault – Membership and Special Events
      3. Membership Introductions – Name, Location, How many quilts you’ve finished during the pandemic.
      4. General Business
        1. Meetings are the 2nd Thursday from 6 – 8 PM
        2. Via Zoom until Washington Phase III allows group gatherings
        3. Dues will be $50 per year, due by the second meeting. 
        4. Everyone  interested in Modern Quilting – even a non-quilter –  is welcome!
        5. We are affiliated with the International Modern Quilt Guild.
    2. About the Modern Quilt Guild
      1. an international organization with 14,000 members in 39 countries around the world.
      2. We have other chapters and individual members in the PNW.
    3. Our Central Washington MQG Mission Statement (Discussion, Thea)
    4. What you get for your membership
      1. Local events, community, meetings
      2. MQG Membership
        1. QuiltCon Together 2021 (a virtual conference)
        2. MQG Resoures (patterns, webinars)
        3. MQG community – over 14,000 members worldwide.
        4. Guild 501c3 status
    5. Discussion:  What is Modern Quilting?
      1. Link:
    6. Member Stories
      1. Jill
      2. Michelle
      3. Lindsey
  2. Events
    1. Pop Up Quilt Show – what a wonderful event.  Very special and an honor to do. 
      We would like to do it again.
    2. Sew-Ins (In person and via Zoom)
    3. Challenges
      1. Charity Quilt Planning (Theme:  Curves)
      2. Invitation for members to submit ideas for challenges
    4. Programming
      1. Members share skills
      2. Member discussions
      3. Charity Quilt Planning
      4. Deep dive into Modern Quilting
      5. Book Report/Share/Presentations
        1. Lesley has a book about solid fabric use
        2. Sherry Lynn Wood – The Improv Book for Modern Quilters 
        3. Jill – Nicholas Ball Book
      6. Studio Tours
  3. Show and Tell
    1. Link for Aleesha’s free mat pattern:

Next Meeting July 9, 2020 

July 9, 2020 – General Meeting

Meeting Called to order shortly after 6.  We met at 5 for social time and hand sewing.

Agenda Items

  1. Introductions (Name, Location, First Quilt Guild)
    1. Lindsey, Wenatchee, Oregon MQG
    2. Laura, Wenatchee, first quilt guild is us
    3. Aleesha, Wenatchee, North Central Washington Quilt Guild 2019
    4. Jill, Wenatchee, Block Party Quilters in Issaquah
    5. Thea, Wenatchee, North Central Washington Quilt Guild 2018
    6. Tamara, Wenatchee, North Central Washington Quilt Guild 
    7. Terry, Malaga, North Central Washington Quilt Guild 1986
    8. Michelle,  Plain, first quilt guild is us
    9. Annie,  Leavenworth, first quilt guild is us
  2. Meeting Information (on Zoom for now)
    1. August 13:  studio tour/QuiltCon community quilt sharing
    2. September 10 QuiltCon Community Quilt Planning
    3. October 8 – Holiday Sewing Project Ideas
    4. November 12 – 
      1. How to deconstruct a traditional block.
      2. Traditional to Modern transformations.
      3. Jill’s triangle math
      4. How to sew Curves 
    5. December 10 – English Paper Piecing (Aleesha)
  3. Meetings will be on Zoom.  In-person “meet-ups” cannot be sanctioned by the Central Washington MQG….just friends who like the same thing 🙂 
  4. QuiltCon Community Outreach challenge  Link:
    1. Every guild has the opportunity to make a quilt to be displayed at QuiltCon 2021
    2. Color palette and theme are given.
    3. Please come to the meeting next month with original ideas according to the theme of “curves” with the given color palette. 
    4. Note:  Tamara’s company has a conference room that we may be able to use for meetings and sew-ins.
  5. Program – Book Report
    1. Jill:  Inspiring Improv by Nicholas Ball
      1. Very good stories cover to cover.  Nicholas Ball has been quilting since 2012.  
      2. Improv exercises are straightforward and great for building skills.  Not whole quilts but exercises that are very approachable.
      3. At the back of the book there are quilt projects using the exercises.
    2. Terry:  Quilted by Uppercase Magazine
      1. A collection of stories about many quilters who all seemed to start as traditional quilters and then found their way to modern work. 
      2. A book about people and why they do what they do.  (Allison Glass, Carolyn Friedlander, couple of men, Dianna Fox-Revett)  Set up like an interview with 5 or 6 pages per quilter.  
        1. Diana Fox-Revett on Instagram:
        2. – Riane Minardi Morrison
      3. Another Book:  America’s Glorious Quilts
        1. Modern Quilting has been around for a long time.  This book shows so many examples of Modern Quilting.
      4. Another Book:  Quilting Arts Idea Book
    3. Tamara – Improv Quilting Handbook for Modern Quilters by Sherri Lynn Wood
    4. New York Times Article:
  6. QuiltCon Together – virtual quilt show in 2021
    1. Certainly not the same as being there in person but a great opportunity to see and participate in the show together.
    2. Registration date us coming up on July 15.  Everyone who is a member of the MQG will be able to register.
    3. Thea suggested that if there is a class or special event that you are interested in that you register early.
    4. Lindsey suggested registering even if you don’t plan to attend.  It’s free for members.
  7. Membership Welcome Kit
    1. Logo Fabric for your nametag
      1. Create a name tag that is reminiscent of your individuality.
    2. Sticker
    3. Business cards to invite your friends to join us!
  8. Show and Tell

Next Meeting August 13, check the website calendar for the Zoom link.

August 13, 2020 – General Meeting

Meeting called to order 6:02 P.M. We met at 5:00 for social time and hand sewing.

Agenda Items

  1. Introductions – favorite ruler
  2. Intro to The MQG website, all its resources
    1. Tamara shared what she’s been using at The MQG website
      1. For MQG members – resources, patterns, articles, videos, etc.
        1. Twice per month there is a Zoom meeting with an instructor.  Those are recorded and members can play the video anytime.  Sometimes free pattern downloads, other crafts implemented into quilts, other fascinating ideas.  Check it out here: and here (and thanks, ALWAYS, to Annie for throwing those links up while I’m typing minutes!)
        2. So much information available that is included with membership!
      2. Lindsey introduced some other features (board meetings, other updates)
      3. To Log In, click “member login” in the upper right-hand corner.  
        1. Username is your e-mail
        2. If it’s your first time to log in, click “reset password”
      4. You can search for specific content (for example – hand quilting, how to be an instructor, etc.)
  3. Community Outreach Quilt
    1. Timeline
      1. We are in August
      2. Quiltcon is in February
      3. Will need to be pieced and quilted by sometime in November (this helps the longarm quilters who are very busy in December for holiday quilts)
      4. Piecing needs to happen in September or October
      5. Completed and entered Jan 15
      6. Jobs
        1. Find a community organization in town that is need of a charity quilt or raffle quilt
          1. We are going to do a quilt for the Rotary
          2. Aleesha will reach out to 
        2. Design and Acquire Fabric
          1. Size is 65 x 85
          2. Tamara suggested apples as they lay in packing crate trays.
          3. Lesley suggested 100 apples
          4. Jill shared an idea for gears
          5. Lesley suggested a theme of “kindness”
            1. Tamara said gears must work together to function, perhaps we can mention the relationship between kindness as a function of turning and operating gears.
            2. Sharon suggested other words for kindness, Thea mentioned those words could be included in the quilting.
          6. Committee Members: Tamara, Thea, Jill, Lesley, Lara, Annie (for fabric research), and Terry (for purchasing power)
        3. Piecing the top
          1. All members in some capacity
        4. Prepare the back
          1. Lindsey, Aleesha, Sharon (may have some 108″ fabric)
        5. Quilting
          1. Thea (with input from the group)
        6. Binding
          1. Terry
        7. Label
          1. All members with our logo fabric, pieced into the back.
        8. Photography
          1. Michelle
    2. Other Notes
  4. Lesley’s Book Report
    1. Book:  We Love Color (put out by Kona Cotton) several famous quilters were commissioned to make a quilt for solids.  Lots of inspiration for both color and technique.
  5. Show and Tell for future show and tell items, please email:  _____________________________ (address TBD and will be updated)

Virtual Sew-In:  Aug 27th (check website calendar for Zoom link)

Next Meeting:  Sept 10th (check website calendar for Zoom link)

Meeting Adjourned 7:44 P.M.

September 10, 2020 – General Meeting

Click the link below to view the slides from the meeting.

And, since Thea (the Secretary) ran the meeting, Jill took notes for us (Thanks Jill!)

Getting to know your fellow members…

Name / What I like about quilting

Jill Therriault / Cutting, designing, the end result

Thea Gyde / The layed process – start to finish

Aleesha Kobernik / The back story, scrounging fabric, problem solving

Lindsey Keisz / Friendships, fabrics, creativity

Nancy Straub / Lasting international friendships

Janesssa Lessor / Fabric

Lara Hayes / The construction, success, color

Terry Murphy / Fabric, construction, friends, personal quilts shows

Sharon Paine / The giving of quilts and reaction of the recipients

Tamara Desellum / Generosity of quilters

Michelle Bartholomew / Creative side, end result, practical and useful

Lesley Allan / Colors, textures, creative process, whimsy, departure from workday

Central Washington MQG Meeting Sept. 10, 2020

Additional Meeting Notes

Short Business Items:

Send any recipe ideas to Thea ( for Refreshments

Sewing in the park – Saturdays, every 2 weeks starting Sept. 19.  Location TBD (check website calendar for info)

QuiltCon Community Challenge quilt:

Aleesha is making contact with the Wenatchee Rotary

Report coming

Contact Jill Therriault with questions on your quilt block or for additional fabric

Thea is posting a curved block and the Apple block on the website for practice

Time for the Sunday Oct. 11 Design Committee quilt construction meeting TBD, stay tuned

Upcoming Christmas sewing projects ideas to be presented at October’s meeting:

Tamara – Fabric Postcards

Jill – Professional Placemats/Table Linens  

Thea – Zipper Bags

Aleesha – Mug Rugs / Pot Holders

NEXT MEETING OCTOBER 8, 2020 – check calendar for Zoom link

September 17, 2020 – BOD Meeting

Members Present (list or provide copy of sign in sheet): Lindsey, Aleesha, Jill, Thea

Agenda Items

  1. Meeting Schedule
    1. General Meeting 2nd Thursday Social Time at 5:30, meeting at 6:00
    2. Board Meeting
      1. Monthly (as needed) on the 3rd Thursday at 5:00 P.M. 
      2. Open to members but verbiage on the website should specify that anyone who wishes to speak should email ahead of time to be added to the agenda.
  2. Bylaws
    1. Calendar year from Jan – Dec
    2. 2020 is year 1, 2021 is year 2
    3. New officers will be elected Jan 2022
    4. Use the legal document (Sample Bylaws) from MQG
    5. Add on an “operating procedures” (meeting location, day, time, etc. that can be changed as we progress)  
    6. ACTION ITEMS:  Lindsey will share operating procedures (standing rules) document.  Jill and Aleesha will write it up.
  3. Joining THE MQG
    1. We are joined as a starter guild.
    2. We have membership (15 members) that puts us into the next category.  Lindsey reached out and will keep us apprised.  
    3. ACTION ITEMS:  Jill will send Lindsey a final roster of our membership.  Lindsey will let Aleesha know when we achieve 501(c)(3) so we can set up email addresses.
  4. Website Status
    1. Only 1 visible calendar now. 
    2. Aleesha would like to populate “upcoming events” as a list and everything else would be on the calendar.
    3. There is a “free blocks” area under shenanigans
    4. There are slideshows that Aleesha and Sean will update
    5. We would like to add Board Member Intros
    6. What about having a membership roster with photos/intros (voluntary).  
    7. ACTION ITEMS:  ask our membership at the next meeting to send their photo/bio if they choose to.
  5. Program Chair
    1. Beginning Jan 2021.  Each program chair would serve 2 months (1 and 7, 2 and 8, 3 and 9, etc.). 
    2. ACTION ITEM:  Thea will create a document and a slide to talk about it at the next meeting.
  6. Monthly Sew-Ins (Zoom or in Person)
    1. Every other Saturday in the park, weather permitting, or on Zoom.  
    2. 9:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M. if in person  OR 12:00 – 3:00 P.M.
    3. Aleesha will host.
    4. Members should check the calendar for any info and updates.
  7. Roster Information – can we share.
    1. ACTION ITEM:  Membership form/questionnaire will be created by Jill and Aleesha
  8. October’s Meeting – Holiday Gift Ideas
    1. Lindsey will be gone on a fire assignment
    2. Aleesha will host October
      1. Thea is doing Zipper Bags
      2. Aleesha is doing Mug Rug
      3. Jill is doing Placemats
      4. Tamara is doing fabric postcards
  9. November’s Meeting – Jill’s Quilt Math 
  10. Challenges
    1. Using free blocks
    2. Good for unity in the group
    3. Few enough so everyone can participate and not feel too spread thin
    4. It would be great to start a challenge in the new year.   Perhaps the program person for Jan/Jun can suggest one?
  11. Next BOD Meeting October 15th at 5:00 P.M.

Thursday October 8, 2020 – General Meeting

Members Present (list or provide copy of sign in sheet): Aleesha, Lindsey, Tamara,  LIsa Perala, Terry, Janessa, Lara, Michelle, Nancy, Thea, Lesley, Annie

Meeting called to order 6:06 P.M. (VP Aleesha ran the meeting)

Agenda Items

  1. Introductions – What is the most unusual place you’ve drawn inspiration for a quilt?
    1. Thea – a teepee outside The Badlands National Park
    2. Nancy – wildflowers (with a tip:  google drawings of what you would like to turn into a quilt, the drawings are easier to reproduce)
    3. Lisa – a photo from The Butterfly Gardens in Victoria
    4. Terry – Hawaiian quilts from when she lived there.  She had to draw her pattern from a piece of nature.  She chose a limb from a Cacuy Nut tree.
    5. Tamara – took an art quilt class with Jean Wells and found inspiration in the surrounding natural area – a bleached out piece of sagebrush.
    6. Janessa – hasn’t made many quilts but has a special one for show and tell.
    7. Lesley – life events and circumstances as well as family.  Also mentioned the WAQO video, here is the link: 
    8. Lara – doesn’t often think of an inspiration, she is a project-oriented person rather than a fabric-oriented person.  On a recent cruise to Alaska she visited the Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC and found inspiration from the beautiful flowers.
    9. Lindsey – always inspired by architecture, showed a series of pieces inspired by the window patterns in New York City.
    10. Annie – Tetris (the greatest video game) and naval semaphore flags
    11. Michelle – also architecture, in particular from a recent trip to Savannah, GA
    12. Aleesha – is always inspired by the use of color
  2. Business  Items
    1. September BOD meeting (minutes are on the website)
    2. Charity blocks were due on 10/5
    3. Quilt will be sewn on Sunday 10/11
  3. Program – all tutorials are on our website here
    1. Thea’s Zipper Pouches:
    2. Jill’s Fast and Easy Napkins and Placemats
    3. Tamara’s Postcards
    4. Aleesha’s Coasters (or, if larger, hot pads)
  4. Name Tags – make yours and share via email 
  5. Show and Tell – make sure to share your show and tell with Aleesha by Tuesday night before the meeting.

Other:  None

Next Meeting:  Nov 12, 2020 Sewing Time 5:30, Meeting at 6:00

Virtual Sew-In:  Check the website calendar for upcoming sewing events

Meeting Adjourned 8:19 P.M.

October 22, 2020 – BOD Meeting

Members Present (list or provide copy of sign in sheet): Lindsey, Aleesha, Jill, Thea, Terry

Agenda Items

  1. Membership Process 
    1. Is streamlined –  Google sheets will be updated by Jill (membership), Terry (treasurer), and LIndsey (president) as we get new members.
    2. ACTION ITEM:  Lindsey will do a mock up of a Google form to collect info from new members.  Once we have 501(c)(3) status we can get G-Suite and get that implemented.
  2. Guild-wide newsletter
    1. Offer some updates, ask for feedback…and grace as we are establishing our systems and processes.  
    2. Mention some of the challenges we have with virtual meetings.
    3. Mention what we’ve done so far this year:  sew-ins, quilt show, meetings, tutorials, etc. etc.
    4. What we are looking forward to next year – varied program coordinators, our first challenge, quilt con, charity/donation quilts and quilted items.  Plus whatever ideas are still to come.
    5. Request for ideas for next year’s budget.  Some examples include
      1. Fabric and kits
      2. Guest speakers
      3. Retreat
      4. Advertising
      5. Charity Quilts
      6. Challenges
      7. Quilt Shows
    6. ACTION ITEM:  Thea will write the newsletter.
  3. Bylaws
    1. They look great.
    2. Information to be filled in
      1. Officers shall serve 2-year terms beginning 2022
      2. Treasurer Information
        1. $200 over an approved budgeted item.
        2. Any check over $1000 needs 2 signatures.
      3. Bylaws approved and dated 10/22/2020
      4. New members will pay full price through September.  At October’s meeting, membership will be half-price for the remainder of the year.
      5. ACTION ITEMS:  Thea will sign the bylaws and Lindsey will do the 501(c)(3)
  4. 2021 Program Chair
    1. January/July – Tamara
    2. February/August – Jill
    3. March/September – Michelle
    4. April/October – 
    5. May/November – 
    6. June/December – Lesley
  5. Treasurer’s Report
    1. We have $615.97
    2. We need to start gathering ideas for how we will budget our money for 2021.
    3. We also need to set up a budget committee.
  6. November Meeting
    1. Program – Jill will present basic quilt drafting skills

NEXT BOD MEETING – Thursday November 19, 2020

Thursday November 12, 2020 General Meeting

Members Present (list or provide copy of sign in sheet): Aleesha, Lindsey, Tamara,  Janessa, Nancy, Thea, Jill, Lara, Michelle, Lesley

Meeting called to order 6:00 P.M.

Agenda Items

  1. Introductions – Scissors – what do you like for scissors, features, purpose, etc?
    1. Janessa loves her Fiskars and has separate pairs for fabric and batting.
    2. Nancy loves lightweight scissors and her favorites are the ones with the serrated blades.
    3. Lara has a pair of sentimental folding scissors that belonged to her dad.  Her absolute favorite are a pair of EZ thread snippers.
    4. Jill loves her Ginghers, two with 8-inch blades for cutting fabric.  She loves the weight and how they feel in her hand.  They also stay sharp for a long time.  She uses a pair of fly-tying scissors for ripping out stitches.
    5. Tamara loves her Fiskars snips and a special pair she bought for an applique class.
    6. Michelle says she is not a big scissor person but has a couple pairs of Fiskars that she loves.
    7. Lesley has black Fiskars as well as an orange pair that she loves.  Realizing she needs to have them sharpened.  Brought out her mother’s Wiss pinking shears.
    8. Aleesha has a small pair from her Go bag – Kai scissors that are, of course, purple!  Her favorites are little, tiny scissors.
    9. Thea has a new pair of unicorn scissors that she loves
    10. Terry has several Ginghers and Fiskars that she also keeps hidden from her children.  Her favorite size is small snips.
    11. Lindsey loves her orange Fiskars because her Grandma always had them around the house.
  2. Meeting Agenda
    1. Meeting Housekeeping
      1. Everyone is doing a good job of muting when its appropriate.
      2. Lindsey asked that we please interrupt her if we have a comment or a question.  Call out during the meeting or use the Zoom chat.  Lindsey explained that this helps her to facilitate the meetings.
    2. Sew Days
      1. These are really great opportunities to meet together and visit and see one another face-to-face.  All info is on the calendar, try to check it out if you can!
      2. There was a discussion about day/time – should we consider changing the day or time?
        1. Nancy said that consistency is important but wondered about when/if we can meet inside. (We are still in Phase 2 so no, not yet)
        2. We discussed meeting on Zoom for the time being due to the colder weather.  We voted on 9 – 12 or 1 – 4.  Eight votes for 9 – 12 so Aleesha will update the calendar.
      3. QuiltCon Charity Quilt
        1. Tamara asked who will submit the entry?  Lindsey will investigate how to make that happen and let us know.
        2. Thea asked who will bind it?  Tamara said she would hand-tack it down.  Lesley will sew it on.
        3. Michelle will photograph the quilt when its finished.
        4. When the quilt is finished we will work our connections to get some PR in Wenatchee and Leavenworth.
      4. FYI – ALL QuiltCon Entries are Due November 30th
  3. Program – Jill’s Quilty Math – video on the Tutorials section of the website. 
    1.  Here is the link:
    2. Here is the HANDOUT
  1. Q and A
    1. Tamara asked for clarification regarding HST’s and Setting Triangles.  It’s OK to make HST’s larger and trim them but accurate setting triangles are important for keeping an on-point quilt square.
    2. Jill mentioned the importance of using thread savers when piecing triangles.  Using a thread saver keeps the triangle points pointy.
    3. Thread savers are also known as bunny tails, leaders and enders, wacker sackers, or nipper clippers.  Check out Bonnie Hunt’s website for leaders and enders projects to create a whole scrappy quilt:
    4. About borders, it’s important to measure the length and width of your quilt and cut/sew borders accurately.  If a long strip of borders are sewn on and trimmed after then the borders can become ripply.  
    5. Tamara asked about how much yardage to buy.  Lesley likes ⅓ yard, Jill likes
      ½ yard.
  2. Show and Tell – make sure to share your show and tell with Aleesha by Tuesday night before the meeting.  All show and tell is on our website under “Meetings” then “Show and Tell” here 
  3. Next month will be English Paper Piecing with Aleesha. You will receive some supplies in the mail to bring with you to the meeting.

Other:  None

Next Meeting:  December 10, 2020 Sewing Time 5:30, Meeting at 6:00

Virtual Sew-In:  Check the website calendar for upcoming sewing events

Meeting Adjourned at 7:50 P.M.

Thursday November 19, 2020 BOD Meeting

Members Present (list or provide copy of sign in sheet): Lindsey, Aleesha, Jill, Thea, Terry

Agenda Items

  1. Bylaws – they are finished.
    1. ACTION ITEMS:  Jill will send to Thea, Thea will sign and date and then forward to LIndsey.
  2. Annual Dues 
    1. We don’t need to pay The MQG in 2021
    2. Request dues in December, due in January, if not received by end of February 
    3. Checks payable to Central Washington MQG, send to Terry’s P.O Box 942 Wenatchee, WA 98807
  3. Newsletter – Thea is working on it
    1. Lindsey will send a link to the Google Membership Information Form (be sure to remind folks to update any new information…though we will be encouraging everyone to fill out the Membership Info since we are still meeting virtually.
    2. ACTION ITEM:  Lindsey will email a copy of the Membership Info form for the BOD to review.
    3. ACTION ITEM:  Thea will draft the newsletter and send to BOD for review.
  4. Upcoming Sew Day – does Aleesha need help?
    1. Aleesha is good to host this upcoming Saturday…even from California. 
    2. Link to join will be on the calendar and Aleesha will send an email reminder tomorrow. 
  5. Charity Challenge Quilt
    1. Due for submission Mid-January
    2. ACTION ITEM:  Thea will email the design team to come up with a narrative and send it to Lindsey along with a picture of the top and the back….along with the dimensions.
    3. ACTION ITEM:  Jill will orchestrate a press release for the charity quilt.
    4. When are we presenting it to the rotary?  ACTION ITEM:  Aleesha will set a date to meet up with the Rotary to deliver the quilt.
  6. QuiltCon Together
    1. We will evaluate what is happening in the state in January to see if we can plan any watch parties or guild member togetherness during the show.
  7. Upcoming challenges for next year
    1. Mention in the newsletter that it’s an open-ended thing and participation is not required.  
  8. 2021 Program Chair
    1. January/July – Tamara
    2. February/August – Jill
    3. March/September – Michelle
    4. April/October – 
    5. May/November – Lindsey
    6. June/December – Lesley


Thursday December 10, 2020 General Meeting

Members Present (list or provide copy of sign in sheet): Aleesha, Lindsey, Tamara,  Janessa, Nancy, Thea, Annie, Lesley, Michelle, Amanda Hines (guest)

Meeting called to order 6:00 P.M.

Agenda Items

  1. Introductions – yes or no, do you like eggnog?
    1. Lindsey, yes
    2. Tamara, no
    3. Nancy, yes, and leftovers for great french toast
    4. Terry, yes
    5. Michelle, no
    6. Amanda, yes but only if it’s real!
    7. Lesley, yes but if its homemade and spiked is good!
    8. Annie, yes and only if spiked
    9. Janessa, yes, two thumbs up, and in my coffee
    10. Aleesha, big thumbs down
    11. Thea, yes, in my coffee and when my kids don’t drink it all
  2. Special Guest – Amanda Hines Burnet, director of partnerships with Modern Quilt Guild, member of the Austin, TX MQG here to show us around the website.
    1. Login is email and the first time you log in click “reset password”.  You must be logged in to access all the wonderful resources.  
    2. We have a CW MQG “circles” page here:  
    3. There are also many other “circles” that you can join based on specific topics or projects.  
    4. Resources:  everything from all the MQG history is here (patterns, tutorials, etc.)  Amanda recommends searching based on topics like “hand sewing” to find everything you are looking for in one place.
    5. Amanda recommends using the quick links on the right of the dashboard page…there you will find upcoming special events such as webinars.
    6. Aleesha asked a question about upcoming classes at QuiltCon Together 2021.  To find class supply lists and additional information visit the website and open the QuiltCon Catalog and use “command F” to find more specific information related to class/presentation information.
  3. Updates/Guild Business
    1. The newsletter came out via email. Please have a look at it and follow the link to the contact info update (at the bottom of the newsletter)
    2. The BOD approved guild bylaws and those will be on the website.  They are fairly standard bylaws with two main things to mention:
      1. The fiscal year needs to match the MQG fiscal year which is the calendar.  Our new year will start January 1, which is why we are asking for dues for 2021. 
  1. At next month’s meeting Lindsey will present a “year in review” to celebrate all we’ve done this year!
  2. All of our 2021 Program Team slots are taken!  It’s going to be a great year!
  1. Program – Aleesha presented English Paper Piecing. 
  2. Show and Tell – make sure to share your show and tell with Aleesha by Tuesday night before the meeting.  All show and tell is on our website under “Meetings” then “Show and Tell”
  3. Other: none

Next Meeting:  January 14, 2021 Sewing Time 5:30, Meeting at 6:00 Check the website calendar for upcoming sewing events