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Paint Chip Challenge

Tamara’s Paint Chip Challenge (jan2021)

Two paint chips were drawn for each member of our guild and a sewing challenge (large or small) assigned.  6 months have passed, and the results are in!!!



were your paint chip colors you normally use?

did you learn anything new about using color?

what was the biggest challenge in using the color chips you selected? how did you overcome that challenge?

did you use any of the online tools presented in january? expand, please

discuss your design process:  landing on a pattern, improv technique, design wall, drawing, etc.

follow-up (july2021)

Tamara (red and green)

Terry (orange and pink)

Lara (purple and red)

Annie (teal and green)

Peggy (pink and teal)

Nancy (raspberry and yellow)

Thea (orange and yellow)

Lindsey (teal and green)

Sharon (yellow and green)

Jill (blue and yellow)

Janessa (purple and orange)

Aleesha (pink and purple)

Lesley (dark blue and light blue)

Lisa (yellow and green)